Action Against Hunger

Bring Harissa Back

Canary Wharf Is Open!

Plastic Free Pledge

It’s Tofu Time

Serious Porridge

Share the Love

Meet Valentina…

Why limit happy to an hour?

It's time to wine-down and dine-in at King William Street and what better way than with a 2 hour…

Magic Breakfast

We are proud to announce our partnership with Magic Breakfast to help them end hunger as a barrier…

Miso Sprouts

Free Mince Pies!

Christmas Opening Hours

Halloween Plans?

Spiced Pun-King Latte

Meet the ‘J’

A lot of people ask what the 'J' stands for? It's an easy answer - Jonathan. Who is he? Well,…

Bottomless Brunch, Coming In November!

We are getting all our eggs in order and our planning to launch our Bottomless Brunch this coming…

Green With Envy

I don't plan on banging on about the health benefits of kale or the goodness found in a plate of…

Turn up the Beet

We couldn't be more excited to announce the opening of our second home on King William Street! Our…

Give Me Your Best Shot

We are proud to team up with Redemption Roasters here at Farmer J. Redemption Roasters teach young…