Love Food, Give Food X The Fancy Fork by Farmer J

Throughout September and October, Action Against Hunger have launched the Love Food, Give Food campaign to help raise donations for the malnourished children of the world. Action Against Hunger focuses their efforts not just in circulating information about these communities but they respond the call to action. With this campaign they are calling to all foodies and eateries to help join the fight and of course we had to get involved!

We have teamed up with the Love food, Give Food campaign to raise as many donations as we can. With as little as £1 it can help those who are most vulnerable. Over the months of September and October, £1 will be added to your bill at The Fancy Fork. Of course, you can take this off your bill – but, we know you won’t, as our customers give a fork.

With £1, Action Against Hunger can provide 1 day of food for a malnourished child, with £42 they can provide nutrition treatment for a severely malnourished child and nurse them back to health, and with £114 they are able to provide emergency heath kits with medication for up to 100 people for up to 3 months.

Unlike other charities, Action Against Hunger is a transparent NGO that isn’t there just to help feed children but to help communities to build, grow and become self-sufficient so that they can provide for themselves. So, come down to The Fancy Fork and enjoy our food and know that while dining you are helping these children. It’s a win – win.

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