Today we are celebrating the incredible women of Farmer J. From store managers, bar tenders, front of house, HR, kitchen managers, chefs to the marketing team – we are lucky to have over 40 powerful, strong and forkin’ awesome female employees. Here is the story of just 1 of our forkin’ awesome females, Nathaly:

“Hi, I’m Nathaly, I was born in London but my roots are in Colombia and I have a degree in digital media and communications. I would describe myself as a jack of all trades, as I’m a digital marketing assistant at Farmer J and aspiring SEO, but I also work in the King William Street Branch as a server during the day/evenings. Being a woman, a Latina woman, it was tough to get into the professional working world but Farmer J gave me an opportunity to prove myself and here I am. I was employed when King William Street branch was first going to open and the rest is her-story. Being a woman, a Latina woman, you come across people who have their perceptions of you and put you in a box, but the great thing about being a Latina woman is that no box can contain you”

My quote to live by…“whenever you come across an opportunity, take it and then figure out the rest later”