Hale to the KaleFarmer's Smoothie of the Month

I don’t plan on banging on about the health benefits of kale or the goodness found in a plate of greens. That said, at Farmer J we tend to put our vegetable foot-forward. Why? Somebody said they were good for you and, more importantly, we make them taste bloody delicious. You’ve probably stopped reading. So, swiftly moving on, my final point – if you don’t love eating vegetables, you can drink them instead. Follow the Farmer’s Wife (that’s me) Blog for monthly smoothie recipes!


1/4 Apple

1/2 Banana

40g Pineapple

20g Kale

Juice of 1/4 Lemon

10g Coconut Oil

15g Peeled Ginger

10g Pitted Dated

5ml Vanilla Essence

100ml Coconut Water


1. Put all ingredients in a blender, switch the on button and blend for 30 seconds – simple or in other words, idiot-proof.