Give'em Pumpkin to Talk About

Autumn has hit and it’s time to squash your hunger. Yes, I am the pun-king.

Our seasonal star is of course SQUASH and if you hadn’t got there yet, pumpkin is a type of squash. Hurry up love. Well, to be more specific, they are both part of the cucurbita family. Boring stuff out the way, (not planning on boasting about the numerous health benefits these bulbous beauties have – apart from the fact they supposedly put you in a better mood, great) we have taken this seasons favourite and roasted it, blended it, pureed it and smashed it (literally), to bring you the very best… From our Roasted Butternut & Green Tahini (available at lunch) to our Harissa Pumpkin Soup or Pumpkin & Rhubarb Punch(both available from 5pm @KWS) , we have pumpkin’ for everyone.

Bloody Gourd.