What do you get? I’m glad you asked:

Maverick Mondays – 15% off on food & drinks, on Mondays from 5pm
Yearly Free Fieldtray – We will load your card with £7.50 at the beginning of each New Year
Every Visit to Farmer J, Earn Points – Everything is done with points, go check out our FAQ’s!
Loaded with 50 Points – We start you off with 50 points, which means you only need to spend 100 to redeem the first time!
Every £100 spent (150 points) – Get £7.50 back!

Birthday Treats – We will load your card with something special!

You’ll also receive occasional newsletters from us, including invitations to exclusive events, openings and Farmer J launches – we don’t cook junk & we won’t fill your inbox with it.

For now, the loyalty card can only be used in-store.

FAQ and T&C

Want to Join the Herd?

If you work within a 1 mile radius of any of our locations you may be able to join our corporate loyalty herd. Just send us an email with your name, company name and full company address and we will get back to you!

Join The Herd

Got your card? Now register it and start earning rewards. It will take up to 24 hours to activate after registering here.