Office Catering

Now available online

One of the nice bonuses of working at Farmer J is having easy access to proper, nutritious meals. We certainly don’t miss London’s fondness of the ‘working lunch’ and all the sad food that comes along with it, all while Gary from accounts goes through slide 48 of his latest PowerPoint opus.

Whether it’s a working lunch, important meeting or even a big party – doesn’t your next catered event deserves more than a platter of endless little triangular egg and cress sandwiches? If you’ve eaten in our restaurant you’ll already know that our good food is fast, filling and good for you. If you’re yet to visit, well, stop reading this and come on by.

We offer catering services for up to 150 people across Central London. Doesn’t tucking into our flank steak, harissa spiced chicken or our big, beautiful turkey meatballs sound more appetising than a stale sausage roll?

If you’re interested in having Farmer J sort the food at your next event, place an order using our online order form.

We can’t do anything about the boring PowerPoint, though. Sorry about that.